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Corporate Headquarters


A masterplan was chosen for the Fuji headquarters which would unify all the corporate functions, the manufacturing lab,  and the new product distribution. Sparks Architects was awarded the project, based on our forward thinking approach. A timeless design was chosen, which would emulate the illusion of a free flowing active motion from a static state. Film was fast becoming old school and digital graphics were the rising Phoenix. This design solution pays tribute to a roll of film in the cafeteria area, and the road side, an homage to the mythical bird.



The interior design echos the outside design with a free flowing, casual feeling and graphic pixelization implied throughout. Bold colors highlighted key zones within building as an indentifier for visitors. Maple and etched glass with linear carpet and ceramic tiles were used to carry this theme into each area of the interior design.


McCrone Associates

Sparks Architects was selected as the architect for the "expansion" of the McCrone Associates project, based partly on our involvement in  the orignal building design. The expansion challenge was to create a 3-story addition and atrium in order to complete the corporate masterplan for this site. The new Forensic Training Facility for McCrone Associates incorporated use of similar materials to the existing building, yet extrapolated a new updated style to the original design.



The 3 story atrium connects the existing building to the new expansion building. This connection was completed by using a slate totemic wall and a structural-like  bridge design with a skylight ceiling. Glass balconies open into the atrium creating corridors from the classrooms and labs.


Southern Wine and Spirits

With increasing need to bring together newly purchased companies from one region, into a family of existing businesses throughout North America, Southern Wine and Spirits of Illnois needed a building able to accommodate this new business model.  The result is a  two story executive office which blends seamlessly with the product shipping and receiving requirements, and areas for a large number of field employees to meet for strategic business planning. Separately, distribution trucks are provided a dedicated loading area.

Freudenberg Household Products      (FHP)

Sparks Architects first LEED Ceritfied build-to-suit corporate headquarters, manufacturing, shipping and receiving facility for household products. This facility function incorporates all phases of production from raw material assembly line processing, to the final products developed for O'Cedar in Aurora. The program requirement was to combine two existing separate facilities into one campus, for a one-stop, made in the USA brand.



New interiors required an open, light filled plan, using earth friendly, environmental products in all areas of the built space. Additionally, recycled work stations and seating plus meeting spaces for impromptu gathering, made this a more informal and creative studio space as compared to the previous dated executive model.


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